Visual Media - What You'll Learn

Seattle Central College's Visual Media program (formerly Commercial Photography) will provide you with instruction in both still image and motion-based content, giving you the professional skills needed to excel on any creative team. Studio lighting as well as software, motion and creative problem-solving techniques are at the center of the curriculum.

Our cooperative learning spaces and cutting-edge studios emulate the same environments that visual design professionals use each day to shape and share their messages.

In addition to the core concepts of visual design and digital storytelling, you’ll also develop a strong portfolio, connect with industry professionals and prepare for quick entry into a competitive – but rewarding – field.

Students who successfully complete the Visual Media program will be prepared to:

  1. Apply the craft of storytelling to digital media in both still and motion formats.
  2. Demonstrate creative problem-solving through imagery, words and audio, both individually and collaboratively.
  3. Construct ethical marketing and business methodologies by applying industry recognized best practices.
  4. Evaluate mediums and apply technical fundamentals to meet client-centered project requirements.
  5. Combine interpersonal skills and a mature work ethic to support the visual media needs of the community.
  6. Choose, formulate, adapt and justify media solutions to the changing marketplace.

Learn more about course planning for the Visual Media program.