Graphic Design - What You'll Learn

Our interconnected world is growing and changing faster than ever, and modern designers must be able to adapt their skills to a variety of platforms. As a Graphic Design student at Seattle Central College, you’ll work with cutting-edge technologies as you seamlessly interweave print and digital media, while learning user experience (UX) best practices that will serve you well throughout your career.

Students who successfully complete the Graphic Design program will be prepared to:

  1. Use logical design methodologies and research to identify a design challenge.
  2. Develop and apply an appropriate design solution either individually or as part of a team.
  3. Critically evaluate and revise a design solution.
  4. Present and justify a design solution using a variety of communications media and technologies.
  5. Apply ethical standards to a design solution.
  6. Demonstrate professionalism and follow industry best practices.

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